Just Flight - Traffic X

Just Flight - Traffic X 1.0

Traffic X is an add-on for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX
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Just Flight – Traffic X 1.0 is a software simulation program add-on for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX that integrates seamlessly with, and adds to, the capabilities of FSX, providing users with a host of new features and traffic including a new Traffic Control Center and four virtual airports. Just Flight – Traffic X 1.0 includes over 100,000 scheduled airline flights within its AI feature including general aviation and military flights, extraordinary rendition flights, flying to known and unknown destinations, in addition to airliner flights in the traffic database. Liveries include more that 400 airliners with all flights using their correct airline identifiers and tail numbers. The Traffic Control Center included in the program includes a Traffic Editor enabling users to improve their flight planning, create new flight paths and adds even one-way flights. Every Just Flight – Traffic X 1.0 aircraft can be visualized in user-defined years selected, to appear in the past or present. This excellent ChronoTraffic feature allows users to have older aircraft like Concorde, or out of service aircraft, even future traffic, to be included in their fleets. All traffic in the Just Flight – Traffic X 1.0 program is flyable. The Control Tower featured in the program comes in 4 sizes from airfield to International Airport and users can explore their airports from the ground in a follow-me- car or Pushback truck. Aircraft can be guided into their parking positions from the ground. Plane spotters are also catered for with a Spotty feature enabling users to watch from the control tower and listen to ATC communications. Sounds included in Just Flight – Traffic X 1.0 replace the generic default FSX sounds with the 20 different sound sets recorded from real aircraft, including, take off sounds, landing sounds, and many more. Over 1,700 individual aircraft are included.

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